Dental Visit

Plan Your Child’s Dental Visit Right Before School Starts

It’s often much easier to remember your doctor’s appointments and dental check-ups if you happen to plan them around certain holidays, times of the year, or even seasons. So long as you have a schedule to these things in mind, you’re far less likely to forget about your appointments and check-ups.

One of the top ways I see a lot of parents keep their kids on a biannual schedule with their dentist is by “starting” the cycle right before school. Since kids often have to get physicals or shots or routine medical check-ups right before school anyway, I find it’s much easier to just plan their dental visits around the same time anyway.

By doing this, you’re getting your kids into the dentist at the very least once a year. Obviously you want that number to be doubled, but by keeping them on top of their dental visits right before school, you’re much more likely to get that second visit in too. And guess when another time that’s great for that is? Right after their second semester has begun at the beginning of the year.

Heck, you can even remember to set up that second appointment in the cycle (or first of the year) simply because it’s after New Year’s. What with all sorts of resolutions to better ourselves year in and year out, making sure to plan a dental visit for your kids and you during this time of year is the perfect way to kick off any new year.

Ultimately, you just want to make sure your kids are going to the dentist twice a year. Because dentists can catch cavities or gingivitis long before they become a problem, you’ll never have to worry about expensive procedures, your kids won’t have to worry about pain, and their teeth will be taken care of on a biannual basis. It all comes down to you planning those visits out for them at appropriate times of the year.

And hey, it’s not just a good thing for your kids. It’s enough to be great for YOU since you’ll be planning your own visit around the same time, right? It’s easy to forget about our own health when we’re looking out for the health of our loved ones, so make sure you remember to plan your own visits along with your kids. It’ll be less scary for them if you do! That’s a win win situation if I ever saw one.